A new year…

Wow…I just realized it has been an entire year since my last blog post!  That will be changing for a number of reasons.  The first being that I am honored to be a RunJunkee’s Ambassador!  With this distinction I do get a blog on the RunJunKees Ambassadors page.  That is a pretty good reason to get this thing going again!

And a 2nd reason is that I am needing to get my but back on track again!  2016 was a wild year, to say the least!  I don’t think I ever saw so much happen in such a short amount of time.

While 2016 began with great plans of returning to my fitness goals, I was hit left and right with unexpected happenings.  For starters, we live in Southwest Louisiana and last March we saw unprecedented amounts of rain fall in every corner of our state.  This caused massive flooding north of us in Toledo Bend and when they finally opened the dams the water just began to flow south on the Sabine River…our town sits very close to this river.  As a result we saw flooding getting as high as 6-7 feet in some areas of our rural community.  Being a pastor of a church in the area this got us moving and working and doing everything we can to help our own.

In the midst of all of this the house we have been renting was sold from under us while we were still in the process of buying a house of our own.  Thankfully we bought from some good, godly friends who allowed us to live there for 10 days before closing.  The good news is that we did get the house in April and God really blessed us in all of it!

That was followed by the summer which included 2 weeks of youth/preteen camps on back to back weeks and then back to school.  And with the fall came not only football season (my son is in the band and I just love high school football) came even MORE rain in the south central and south east parts of our state.  More flooding, record setting flooding…and many friends and loved one’s were hit hard.  Again our church began working to help out as well as my family and I.

In the midst of all of this I did register for my 5th marathon, the New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon, which was also my first full 26.2 miler.  It will be Feb. 5 and my 12 week training plan began in November…the same week I began 2 weeks of different out of town conferences followed by Thanksgiving week!  Not the best time to begin a marathon training plan!  Needless to say I was a week behind by the 2nd week and I haven’t caught up since then because Thanksgiving is followed by Christmas, which for us meant a trip to Ohio to see my in-laws.

I’m wore out just thinking about all of that!  But here I sit, less than a month out from  my next marathon, 2 months behind on my training and still carrying last year’s extra weight and then some.  So, what do I do?

I get to work.  I won’t PR this marathon by any chance, but I can and I will finish it!  I can do run walk intervals for 26.2 miles based on plans I have seen.  I think I have enough muscle memory and a decent enough fitness level to get it done.  Thankfully I have not been totally useless, I have still be working out…just a lot more sporadically then in the past.

And then there is the diet.  Even though I have things coming up in the coming weeks where people will be supplying meals for me, I will do my best to eat around that.  I have to get this food under control!  MyFitnessPal will once again become my accountability partner, as well as anyone else who might read this and dare to follow along on this journey.

Finally, that is what I need to remember, this is a journey.  When I began this almost 6 years ago I knew I wasn’t going on a diet to lose weight.  I was trying to reclaim my life and I knew that it would not be easy and it would be a journey with ups and downs.  I’m down, in the wrong way, right now…but I will rise up again!

I’m excited about 2017!  Hopefully there will be a lot more stability for me in my life, but I’m also anxious about where this journey takes me!

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Starting Over

Today is Tuesday, January 5, 2016 and I have officially restarted.  Almost 4 years ago when I ran the New Orleans Rock & Roll Marathon, my first of 4 completed marathons over 4 years, I weighed in at about 155.  I felt great, in fact I felt incredible!

Today, I’ll be honest, I have no idea how much I weigh, I’m almost afraid of stepping on a scale and seeing what it would say.  I can safely say I weigh more than I did 4 years ago by at least 20 pounds.  I tell in my clothes, I can tell in my mirror.

I am OK though.  Discouraged, but OK.  I know where I’m falling short…my diet sucks and my activity levels have dropped.  I’ve made excuses for not running, which is what got my weight down, and made excuses for skipping exercise completely.  I used to feel guilty about missing a day, lately I’ve been OK with missing 3 days or more…I didn’t do a thing last week while we were on vacation in Ohio.

But that is going to change.  Last night as much as I didn’t want to, I got out and did a 30 minute run, 3.2 miles…not my fastest or furthest, but it was what I needed.  Tonight I will do spin and weights, tomorrow I will get out an run again.  And during this week I will be as meticulous as possible in tracking my food on MyFitnessPal and closing that diary every night…and keeping it closed along with the pantry/fridge doors at my house.

The excuses are over.  This weight is coming back off.  I am going to do this.  And as for the scale, I will weigh as soon as possible.  The big problem is that it is located in our bedroom bath and there is no way I could utilize it without a lot of noise or lights…and I forget to move it before going to bed.  I do need a number to know exactly how much damage I have done.  But I do so knowing that this damage is repairable.  I am starting over!

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Getting active again

My primary focus has been with my Facebook page, New Creation Fitness, and it just dawned on  me that I have not posted here in over a year.  My goal is to eventually build this into a full blown website, but first I need to begin utilizing what I have.  So, let’s hope this is the start of that!

Today I want to blog a little about a great product I’ve found, Everlast Vegan Protein.  EverlastVP

I eat a plant based diet most of the time; as a pastor I remain flexible because people do want to bless me with food and I do not want to rob them of that; but that also means I have no control over those times as well.  I enjoy them, but I try to get back to eating plant based as soon as possible.  I also deal with some lactose intolerance, so most of the whey proteins on the market just don’t sit well with my stomach.  It has been hard to find a good plant based protein that wasn’t either a single source or costs way more than I wanted to pay.  That was until I got an email from active.com inviting me to try Everlast VP, and they were offering it at nearly 40% off!  I couldn’t turn that down, tried it and LOVED IT!

It has 22 grams of protein from 3 different sources, none of which is soy.  Yes, it is soy free!  On top of that it is also gluten free, sugar free and dairy free…NO WHEY!  A 2 pound bag has 31 servings at 110 calories each.  That is barely over $1 a day for a protein that can be used as a stand alone drink, mixed into smoothie or added to various recipes; I will often throw a scoop into my morning oatmeal.  By and large, this is probably one of the best products I have tried, and with the specials they offer like free shipping, free add on’s (I got a free shirt with my first order) it is hard to find a better deal.

Now, on the flipside, if you like a variety of flavors, this is the downside of Everlast VP.  I personally am a vanilla person, and that is my go to flavor, so the offer of only vanilla is fine with me.  But if you are a fan of chocolate, strawberry or some other flavor…you may have to be creative!

If you want to give Everlast VP a try, visit their website at Everlast Nutrition.  Right now if you are order the protein powder you also get a free box of Everlast Fuel Performance drink mix and no shipping.  Add the coupon code NEWCREATION at check out and you get over $90 of products for $37.99!

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Thinking back

I’m not sure how I let the date pass me by, but I sure enough did! But first, let me back track a little.

In March of 2010 I set a goal to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday, my wife joined me on this journey as well. I had just turned 39 and the reality of 40 looming over the horizon and having regained 20 of the 30 pounds I previously lost had me feeling defeated, but wanting to make a change. We got going strong but I hit a wall about a month or 2 later and stayed on the plateau for a few months. In desperation on August 30, 2010 I set out on my first Couch to 5K workout thinking if I ran a 5K that in and of itself would be miracle.

Here is the link to that blog post: http://40by40goal.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/c25k/

I did it even though it was hard and those first few weeks were rough. I tell people that in week 3 I thought I would die and in week 4 I wanted to die. But then in week 5 something happened that made me realize that it was possible, I ran 20 minutes non-stop for the first time in my life! That is what I needed to finish the program; which I did even though I had an ankle sprain after week 8 from playing soccer that set me back a week. About a month later I ran my first 5K…and didn’t stop.

Now, 4 years later, remembering how I thought I may not ever run a 5K I look back and think about all of those 5K’s (22:15 PR), four 10K’s (49:34 PR), four half marathons (1:52.25 PR) and three full marathons (4:36 PR) and I wonder why I ever waited so long!

And I have to ask you, how big is your “can’t”?

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You are wanted!

From the Faith Files.

This morning I found myself reading in Mark 10, it is the account of Jesus healing Bertimaeus of his blindness, this is a passage I’ve read dozens of times. A lot of people are familiar with the story; this blind man knows that Jesus is coming so he manages to get into the crowd and begins to cry out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  Understand that this is a prayer that we all will either pray in this life or will pray when these lives come to an end.   We have the choice of crying out for mercy on this side of eternity and receiving it, or we can reject and cry out for it when we need it most and find that it is too late.

The crowd rebuked him and tried to shush him, it just caused him to cry out even louder the next time, and that got the attention of the Savior who called for him. This is where I had my “ah ha” moment, Mark 10:49 says, “Take heart. Get up; he is calling you.”  Take heart…Jesus is calling you, you are wanted by the Savior!

Take heart Bobby, even in the midst of your blindness and problems, even with a world that seems to be against you the Savior is calling for you. WOW!

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Welcome to NCF!

As I begin to expand what I hope and pray New Creation Fitness will become, I’m going to begin by getting my blog rolling.

New Creation Fitness is my vision that came about sometime in 2011.  After 39 years of roller coaster weight gain and loss I decided to get healthy and lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday, which would have been 180 pounds.  Thankfully that goal was not only met by passed, and while I’ve had some ups and downs I’ve maintained in the range of 160 pounds.

Along the way I learned a lot…a whole lot.  First about myself, I am the one who determines how big my “can’t” is.  For example, I was in the “I can’t run…” camp for most of my life and had most of the same reasons that I hear from others.  Yet in utter desperation I decided to try this program called Couch to 5K (C25K) thinking that I would maybe see the scale start moving again and then run a 5K and have “jogging” as a possible exercise if needed.  Little did I realize I would fall in love with the running community, although I’m still working on the love of running, and that has helped motivate me to keep going.  Not only did I run that first 5K but I ran numerous others, four 10K’s, 4 half marathons and 3 full marathons.  26 point freaking 2 miles!

I also learned a lot about how the body operates a lot like a machine and needs proper fueling.  Nutrition matters.  I cannot out eat a bad diet any more than anyone else can.  This body is a temple and should be treated as such without bringing in the garbage.

And finally I learned a lot about my faith.  I cannot do this without God.  I tried and I failed.  And I’m not talking about weight loss only, I’m talking about life.  I need God.  And He helps me fuse my life of faith with my life of fitness.

So, here we go, the first post on New Creation Fitness which will some time soon evolve into a full website.  Thank you for reading, thank you for visiting, come back often!

be God’s!

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